About Us

Black People Trip is a non-profit organization created to address the lack of diversity in the emerging psychedelic space. Our mission is to raise awareness, increase accessibility, teach harm reduction, build community and promote self-sufficiency among Black folx when it comes to their use of psychedelics for recreation or healing. We seek to fill the void of BIPOC trip sitters, integration therapists, and practitioners who intimately understand the unique struggles faced by the Black community.

Currently, psychedelic use for healing purposes in not an option for many Black folx due to absence of information and prohibitive costs. We're here to address that, healing shouldn't be a privilege.


Our Founder

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Robin Divine

Robin Divine is a writer and mental health advocate for Black womxn. While in recovery of her own personal trauma, she discovered the healing potential that psychedelics had to offer. Robin created Black People Trip after noticing the lack of diversity in the psychedelic world. She seeks to educate the black community to encourage safe spaces to deeply let go of generational trauma and heal as individuals and a community at large. She is currently working to publish her first book about her experiences as a Black Queer woman in the mental health system and the psychedelic community. 


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