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Everyone deserves to have the resources they need to heal. 


  • The cost of psychedelic therapy needs to be accessible 

  • We need more Black therapists and facilitators 

  • We need to have resources to recover and heal 


Psychedelic therapy sessions/retreats can cost thousands of dollars. Psychedelic education can run in the tens of thousands. Sliding scale fees and scholarships are a start but they aren’t enough. These models only allow for a handful of people to receive support when are many more in need of assistance. 


The Black Psychedelic Equity Fund was created to bridge the gap. 


 Funds can be used to cover: 


  •  Psychedelic therapy costs 

  •  Related "container of care” related costs such as travel and lodging 

  •  Educational fees for psychedelic training


 It’s time to redistribute the resources when it comes to healing. 


To apply for support, please email:

(For transparency, $3707 has been raised on a previous platform.) 

The Black Psychedelic Equity Fund is a 501c3 organization. We are fiscally sponsored by ThinkWell Institute. All donations are tax deductible 

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