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Black People, What Do You Need to Feel Safe in the Psychedelic Space?

May 10th, 2021

I was on a panel last week for Chacruna and while I appeared half dead, I showed up. I count that as a win. Y’all were so sweet. Friends were like “I saw you on the panel! And um, yep. You were there!”

I was living in my car at the time, I'ma give myself a damn break.

A question was asked about how can allies can support Black womxn.

My ridiculous ass said “I want white folks to talk less and listen more.” As I sat with my answer, I realized that I meant it. I could have said it more eloquently but whatever.

I want to hear OUR voices more.

“Your voice matters” question of the day: Black people, what do YOU need to feel safe in the psychedelic space?

As for me:

  • I need all Black circles facilitated by Black, BIPOC and indigenous guides, all womxn circles and all queer circles / non-binary circles.

  • I need the space to create my own experience without being told I “have” to do it this way or that (outside of safety protocols) that my way is wrong.

  • I need trip sitters who understand that their role is to *sit with me*, offer emotional support and keep me safe. Your are not there to “guide” the journey. That’s between me and medicine. (In short, I want sitters that don’t have a savior complex, especially when it comes to Black people.)

  • I need access to safe medicines and sources without the fear of jail.

  • I need space to talk openly about this with other Black womxn. I want us to be able to connect and have conversations. That’s how we do. Gathering in community is part of our culture. We heal in the presence of each other.

That’s what I need. What do YOU need?

For real, I wanna know. I'm building for you. Please know that.

You deserve to be cared for well.

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