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Decriminalize Drugs (wait, but not those...)

“I meet my parental, personal and professional responsibilities. I pay my taxes, serve as a volunteer in my community, and contribute to the global community as an informed and engaged citizen. I am better for my drug use.” @carlhart

This quote is from Dr. Hart’s book, Drug Use for Grownups, which details his experience with regular heroin use to enhance his happiness and overall wellness.

What are the benefits of heroin use? I have no clue and there are two reasons why:

1. Our society has demonized the hell out of drugs.

2. No one talks about the potential positive effects.

I’ve never done heroin. However, that’s only because it hasn’t been offered to me and I’ve never had the opportunity to buy it. But trust, I'm open.

One particular day in therapy had been trash. I was feeling emotionally disconnected and physically overwhelmed. When my therapist asked what would help, I immediately said “a shot a heroin” without a thought.

She is comfortable with my responsible use of alcohol and marijuana.

She is uneasy yet supportive about my use of LSD, psilocybin and MDMA.

And when it comes to heroin, cocaine and methamphetamines? Wait a damn minute. Slow down sis because now you’ve crossed a line.

I have no idea why I craved a hit in that moment. I honesty think it was my internal guidance telling me what would be supportive. I believe there is a part of us that intuitively knows what we deeply need. Who knows? Oh wait, we do.

When it comes to particular types of drugs, check in with your own beliefs:

💊 Who created the line between what drugs are socially acceptable and which ones demonized?

💊 What group of people benefits / profits from the line and who is punished by it?

💊 What stories and judgments do you have about those that use certain drugs?

Seriously, what type of society limits the ability of their citizens to pursue happiness and wellbeing while forcing them to exist in this crappy capitalist society without the aid of mind altering substances that promote feelings of connection, empathy and love?

A cruel one. That’s what kind.

Check in with yourself. Make up your own mind. Do what's best for you.

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