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I Needed to be Held and That was OK

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Blanket forts during a psychedelic session? Highly recommended.

I took a trip over the weekend.

I don’t really have the words to describe it, so I’ll do what I know best and keep it simple and honest.

As a society, we don’t allow each other the space to say: I need to be held, will you hold my hand, can I lay in your lap? Instead we’re made to feel shame for having basic human needs. For instance, the need to connect, be touched and feel comforted.

That was what I needed from this trip and that was what I received.

The medicine was gentle yet still offered firm guidance.

My sitter cared for me so deeply that I was almost unable to receive it.

And I allowed myself to be held emotionally and physically.

Listen, if you haven’t been wrapped up in a blanket and then had a pillow fort built around you while on psychedelics then um, what are you doing with your life?

10/10. Would recommend.

There were moments when it was so damn sweet that all I could do was let the tears fall.

Gentleness is not a feeling that I am used to in life. While I have been showered with kindness as an adult, there is a younger part of me that still can’t understand why others would extend care and compassion towards her.

She’s been dropped, let down and overlooked so often that it’s less painful for her not to expect it anymore.

However, this weekend she was cared for well.

My (our) tender heart really needed that.

Psychedelic therapy is supporting me in writing a new story for myself as well as my family line. Please know that when we do this work, the impact reaches far beyond our own lives.

I share this because I want others to know that there are paths to wellness outside of Western medicine. It actually wasn’t created for us but that's a post for another day so whatevs…

Today I invite you to ask for what you need. Whether it’s a hand to hold, a blanket fort of comfort of just to sit in the presence of another and be deeply seen. Whatever it is for you, please know that you deserve to receive it.

Take care of your hearts out in these streets.

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