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Why Do Black People Need Our Own Spaces to Heal?

Updated: Dec 19, 2021


Why do Black people need their own spaces to heal?

Lemme do a refresher for the people in the back.


An integral part of the psychedelic experience is feeling SAFE. It’s important to know that your medicine is safe, it’s helpful to feel safe in your physical environment and it’s supportive to feel safe with those that are around you.

White spaces and white people haven’t been safe for us, many still aren’t.

We need spaces where we don’t have to wonder if the person that is caring for us also values our life outside of the trip session.

  • How do you speak up for Black people when you’re around your racist ass family?

  • What side are you on when it comes #BLM or are you silent while you watch this place end our lives?

  • Have you done your own homework (not asked your Black friend, actual work) to ensure that your exhausting microaggressions won’t cause us further harm?

I don’t have this disruptive internal dialogue when I’m in community with other Black womxn.

But what about diversity - can we still trip out together? Absolutely babe. Do you. I want you to feel comfortable and safe in whatever way works for YOU.

With that said, we still need our own spaces.

White people that support Black people feeling safe even when that means you aren’t included, y’all are the real ones.

And to the big companies out there, I invite you to hire me to help you make the way you support BIPOC communities less terrible.

Please know that I see you. Your efforts are, how do I say it? Performative and minimal.

What'd I'd suggest you do know what? Just email me. I'll send you my rates.

Stay safe out in these psychedelic streets, family.

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