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Privilige in Psychedelics Looks Like...

What does privilege look like in psychedelics?



Time and financial resources

RAT lol.

I can be serious, stay with me.

  • Race - if you’re white, you’re less likely to be jailed for a drug offense. That’s facts. Fucked up facts, but still facts.

  • Access - it’s damn near impossible to find LSD in a Black community. But if I slide over to Silicon Valley, they’ll make me a care package. They aren’t afraid. I am.

  • Time / Financial Resources - Preparation and integration are needed parts of this process. And yet, not everyone has the luxury to chill out afterwards and integrate.

To white facilitators and therapists that support Black clients, please be mindful of the barriers we may have faced to even make it to your office. I wrote a guide to help you all care for us well during psychedelic sessions. You can purchase a copy here.

For many people in the Black community, we aren't part of the Psychedelic Renaissance. Instead, this is our awakening.

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