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The American Dream

lol I know you playin'

Bernadette also has neighbors that fly the confederate flag, works in an office where she knows she makes less than her white co-workers, recently taught her son to drive and had “the talk” with him about police, spent the afternoon advocating for her gifted child after she was kept out of advanced classes and ended the day by trying to convince her white male primary care physician to take her health concern seriously.

Nah, can’t imagine why she’s stressed.

If you think this is an exaggeration and not an average day in the life of a Black woman then *sucks teeth* ok.

But instead of allowing this colonized culture to grind her down she:

🌱 Started therapy

🌱 Prioritized her peace

🌱 Learned to grow her own mushrooms

🌱 Made moments of rest a daily practice

🌱 Created a care team of Black providers

We aren’t failures. Society is.

Don’t let the bullshit get you down, babe.

We got each other and we've got you.

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